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.German Shepherd Puppies

Our Companions, Our Guardians, Our Friends

German shepherd puppies availalbe, click here for more info.

Training Available for All Breeds, Let our Certified Professional Dog Trainer help you have a well behaved family companion.


For Nobility of character, purpose, and appearance, few animals can surpass German Shepherd Puppies
the German Shepherd Dog. This breed's courage, steadfast heart, and
German Shepherd Studkeen senses have endeared them to mankind.  
They are active, but dignified and will delight
in joining your family for working or companionship.

The German Shepherd, a breed apart! 




 Welcome to Camelot German Shepherds, located in South East Tennessee just North of Chattanooga.   We are a professional German Shepherd Breeder and Belgian Malinois Breeder.  We specialize in top quality German Shepherd Puppies for sale as well as Belgian Malinois puppies for sale. We breed for Nerve, Temperament, Orthopedic Soundness, Courage and Intelligence.  We focus primarily on European working lines of which we believe produce more genetically, structurally, and mentally sound dogs. Our German Shepherds are all from working backgrounds, which  produces the qualities needed fo-r family companions who will protect when called upon in real life situations.  German Shepherds make excellent protections dogs without the aggressive tendencies of other breeds. From intelligent, loyal, family guardians to Therapy dogs and top-level competition working dogs, Camelot German Shepherds offers the finest multi-purpose German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois in Southeast Tennessee! 

Go to our Family page to see our German Shepherd puppies in their new homes, our puppies can be found in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois and Alaska to name a few. We have puppies all over Tennessee including, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, and Cookeville.

We raise our German Shepherd puppies and our Belgian Malinois puppies in a home environment with children and many social German Shepherd Puppies in Tennessee                                                                                         contacts including interaction within the home, not just out in the backyard. This helps shape their temperament in the right direction.  All of our German Shepherds adults and puppies alike are raised in our home, they live with us as part of our family.  They are not kept outside in kennels, I spend everyday with them and I consider them my furry children.  We feel this separates us from other breeders in that we know our dogs on a more personal level. We know their temperament and we know the temperament they are consistently producing in their puppies.  We strive to produce German Shepherd puppies and Belgian Malinois puppies that will be your best friend as well as your guardian angel.

` All puppies will receive a complete veterinary exam and are current on all vaccines and de-worming. They will be micro chipped and temperament tested before leaving for their new home. The parents have been Hip and Elbow German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Tennessee screened/certified. The puppies are guaranteed to not have hip/elbow dysplasia. Feel free to read over out Health Guarantee and Hip and Elbow Guarantee.  For more information on everything concerning your puppy both before and after they go to their new home see the Camelot German Shepherd Puppy page.  This page also includes extensive information on all aspects of Training your new German Shepherd puppy. We want your experience with us to be one you will enjoy throughout the lifetime of your puppy, we will be available to you day or night for any questions you may have.  We encourage you to visit Camelot German Shepherds in Tennessee and meet our Adult German Shepherds as well as our German Shepherd puppies for sale. We do occasionally have young adult German shepherds for sale, but our primary focus in raising quality German Shepherd puppies and Belgian Malinois puppies.




Who Is Protecting Your Family?

Ye tho I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

 Protection Dogs

German Shepherds German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Personal Protection for your family Personal protection dogs

Would you touch these children?   



When Looking for a German Shepherd Breeder ask yourself these questions:

1)  Does the breeder do any type of Hip/Elbow certification?

2)  Do they Guarantee the puppies against Hip/Elbow Dysplasia?

3)  Do they have references or current pictures and/or testimonials from previous clients?

4)  Do they start house break the puppies before they go home!  We do!  See German Shepherd puppy

 information for details and testimonials.

5)  Do you want the piece of mind in knowing that you have purchased a good quality German Shepherd?

If the answer to the above questions is Yes, you have found a good breeder! 




When most people start looking at the German Shepherd breed, they are looking for a loving family dog and a personal protection dog to protect their home and family.  What do we mean when we say personal protection dog?  Well, think of him or her as a highly trained, highly skilled family bodyguard. They are friendly, sociable, intelligent, well mannered, and wonderful with a family. They would take a bullet for any of you in a heartbeat. Fortunately, most situations don't call for that because personal protection dogs serve primarily as an effective deterrent to would-be attackers. Fun and completely predictable around you and your family. Your family dog can become a fearsome warrior in a split second on your command.  This is where Protection training and obedience training comes into the picture for your puppy/dog.  Here at Camelot Shepherds we are members of a local training club and highly recommend finding a training group or club in your area.  Visit our training club website at Camelot K9.  We also have training available on site, for more information see the Training page

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