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             We currently have 1 trained adult male updated 9/29/14



Rampage is an intact 3 year old, black and tan male, he weighs 85 pds, he is a Brom's and Aspyn's  son.  Aspyn is an outside female and Lumen's mother as well, she is from strong SAR working lines.  Rampage has been OFA certified hips and elbows good.   Rampage has rock solid nerve, he is friendly and outgoing until he is told not to be.  Rampage is a super nice male and  he loves to work, but calms down easily and lives in the house well and loves to travel and ride in the car.  He will play ball with you or your children until his legs fall off.  I will be posting his pedigree soon. Video coming soon as well.  Rampage will make an excellent family dog and home protection dog.  He is good with kids and female dogs, but is a dominant male, so he does not need to be with another male dog.   He is cat safe as well.    








Video of Rampage



Vixen (sold)

  Vixen is an 16 month  old, 62 pound, black sable female, she is from last years Felony and Brom litter.  She is very outgoing and friendly with really nice working drive, she loves to snuggle and watch TV with you and will be happy to sleep in your bed.  She is housebroken, crate trained and obedience trained  and started on her early bite work development.  She is safe with other dogs, but is not cat safe.  She rides well in the car and is very happy to go with you anytime.  She is current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative and has been microchipped.     








                                                       Suvi (Sold)

Camelot’s Vesuvius, the Unquenchable (Suvi) is a 1.5 year old 65lb super affectionate, high drive, female German Shepherd Dog. She is the daughter of Camelot’s Phoenix and Camelot’s Thorn. She is house-broken (she can hold it for 10-12 hours), crate-trained, and will willingly “go to her kennel” when told (I would like to send her kennel with her to her new home so she has something familiar). She loves playing fetch and going on walks/runs. She has passed a puppy Canine Good Citizen Class and knows the following commands: “sitz” (sit), “platz” (down), “stay”, “bring it here” (fetch), “aus” (out), “come”, “heel”, “outside”, “inside”, “leave it”, “no”, “okay”, and “get busy” (go potty).

Suvi absolutely loves people. She wants nothing more than to be petted and will follow you around the house just to be near you. She has a good off switch and is able to relax and lounge around the house when things are low-key. I let her roam freely in the house when I am home and keep her free in the room when I sleep and she stays out of trouble. She is still a puppy, though, and has chewed some things when I left her out in the house with her brother for 8+ hours. She is pretty easy to bathe and easy to brush. To keep her happy and well-behaved, Suvi does best with 10-20 minutes of running or fetching every day.

Suvi has shown no aggression towards people ever. I have ensured that she is not sensitive about being touched on the ears/tail/feet/etc. and have worked with her to make sure she develops no food/toy aggression. I make her sit and wait while I prepare her food and she knows not to interfere when another dog is eating. She is very energetic and likes to roughhouse with other dogs. If she is to have another companion dog, it will need to be another large energetic dog. Suvi does not bark unless she is playing with another dog. She can be jumpy at times (when meeting new people), but responds well to a spray bottle with water.

She is up to date on her vaccinations, has tested negative for worms, and has been on flea/tick/heartworm preventions (Frontline and Heartgard) for her whole life. She has been spayed as well. I have her medical history and all of her papers in a file that I will provide to her new family. She has been fed Acana since I have had her and she is currently eating Acana Wild Prairie and has no digestive issues. I feed her twice a day, 1.5 cups (12fl.oz.) in the morning and 2 cups (16fl.oz.) in the evening. I will provide a bag of food to her new family so they can slowly transition her to another food if they so choose, so as not to cause gastrointestinal upset.

I will send Suvi to her new home with her kennel, a bag of Acana Wild Prairie, a Kong, all of her medical and registration papers, her nylon collar, a sized Herm Sprenger pinch collar, a purple 1” x 6’ lead with traffic loop, and a medium Furminator de-shedding tool.

It breaks my heart that I have to find her a new home, but I have to travel regularly for my job and it is not fair to Suvi to have to spend so much time alone. I am looking for a family that will be able to give her the attention that she needs and deserves. Suvi is a sweet and loving dog that will make a great companion for an active person or semi-active person that can spend a few minutes a day exercising her and a few more loving on her.




Lelah (Sold)

Lelah is a 2 year old black sable female, she is from Addison and Brom, she is a very nice female, very friendly and outgoing until she is told not to be.  She is a great alert dog, she lets you know the minute anyone drives up to your home.  She is currently in training for obedience and protection.  Her training is coming along nicely. She has been x rayed and has beautiful hips and elbows.  She has been spayed and is current on all shots and heartworm preventative.  She is housebroken and crate trained. She was raised with children and is good with other dogs, she is not cat safe.  She has been primarily an outside dog and needs a fenced yard to be able to get outside and get exercise. She would be ok to be an outside dog and enjoys being out in the yard, but does need time with her people as she gets very attached very quickly.  She will make an excellent family/protection dog.  She thrives on love and attention. She is very athletic and loves to play. Call for pricing.

Mattie (sold)

 Mattie is a 2 year old, solid black, spayed female, she is a Guinevere and Thorn daughter, she is obedience trained and it currently in training for protection, she is doing very well and there are videos below of her working.  She does very well with article  search and alert also (see video below).  She is a very sweet, affectionate dog.  She is housebroken, crate trained, microchipped and current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative.  Mattie loves people, until she is told not to.  She is great with children and small dogs.  She was raised with a cat, but it would have to be a slow introduction to a new cat.  She does well with large dogs as long as they do not challenge her, she does much better with a male than a female.  She will make an awesome family protector, personal protection dog, or she is a great dual purpose candidate.  Mattie has had both hips and elbows x-rayed and they look very good.  The videos of her protection training below are her first couple of sessions, she is doing better everyday.  She is going to be a lot like her mother, very nice prey drive, with a real nasty side if the need arises. 



 Mattie chasing a rag, with Gizmo helping                  Mattie finding the ball and alerting on the find           Mattie's first session on the wall.


Mattie doing wall work, these were her first couple of session.  More video coming soon.



Trixie (sold)

 Trixie is a one year old intact female dutch.  She is very social and loves children.  She is currently in training for  both obedience and protection.  She has great ball and hunt drive, she is doing very well in her protection training.  The videos below, were taken about a month ago, she is doing really well and we will be posting new pics and video soon.  Trixie is good with other dogs, even small ones and she is great with children.  She will make a great family protection dog, personal protection dog.  She is housebroken, crate trained and current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative. 




  Trixie with her jug of rocks

Wall work with Trixie





                            Camelot’s Kirby Vom Haus Salztalblick (sold)



Kirby is one of our breeding females that is being retired due to an injury she suffered about a year ago.  She is available for placement, she is not being sold.  She had an FCE while she was pregnant with her last litter.  She has recovered from the injury and only has a slight limp, but we don't feel it is fair to her to put her through carrying a litter of puppies.  She is a great dog, very loving and just wants to be with people.  She is current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative, she is crate trained and housebroken.  Kirby will not be released for breeding, but must be spayed. Click on the link above to find out more about an FCE.  An FCE will never happen again and it causes no pain and will not get worse only better with time.  I have video of Kirby playing ball and she still does really well with her protection work.  We just want her in a loving home, where she can get all the attention she deserves. 

Kirby is our imported female, she is from Salztalblick Kennels in Germany.  She was 4 years old in November and has been Penn hip certified and OFA certified, Hips, Elbows and Knees. She is a small female, but you know what they say about small packages!  She is a little fire ball, with drive that is over the top.  She is very outgoing and friendly.  Great with children, very active and alert. Her temperament and Nerve are rock solid.  She had no bite development when we got her, but that is where pure genetics stepped in.  She takes full, hard grips, and is fearless in the eyes of any threat.  We are very proud of her and have very high hopes for her competition level.  She will be earning her titles in the fall of 2010.  Her pedigree is impeccable with lines including V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaf, V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese, V Lewis von Malatesta and many more, see her full pedigree above.


Kirby's new family



Hi Angie! Well, we got her home! She played with the girls today and I am surprised they didn't drive her crazy! She has taken a liking to Justin....she follows him around everywhere! She has been going in our girls bedroom and checking on them this evening. My oldest started crying and whooo, she was in there checking on her! She is great!  Will send you some pics tomorrow after the Easter egg hunt! Have a good night!
-Justin and Gina


Update:  She did good...she tried getting in bed with us all last night! This morning I woke up to her licking my, I thought it was sweet though! She had to use the bathroom! I decided not to take her with us to the church for the Easter Egg hunt because there were a bunch of activities for the kids to do inside and I didn't want to leave her outside. Justin stayed home though so he got to train her some more today. She is doing a lot better with sitting when we tell her to. When I got home I took her and the girls to the park and there was a lady that I am guessing got to close to my girls because Kirby started barking at her and whoooaa! I feel so much safer now that we have her....I worried all the time about the "what ifs" but, now I have Kirby! She is doing great! Tomorrow we have to go to my mothers and his Uncles for Easter and we will be taking her with us there so I will let you know how she does tomorrow evening when we get home! I am taking my camera so you will be getting some pics of her tomorrow night! Maybe she will let my girls put an Easter hat on her! She is so protective over them....she watches every move they make and is right on them all the time...well, when Justin isn't around! She is an awesome dog! We love her! Well, I have to get the kitchen cleaned up and get ready for bed.... Have a Happy Easter!



Ivy (sold) Ivy is going to live with Richard Heinz "The Miami Dog whisperer"  to say she is going to a great home in an understatement.  We are very pleased and Richard and Mary have been a pleasure to work with.  We have great expectations for Ivy's future.

Ivy will be 2 years old in March, she is a Dutch Malinois, she is a littermate to Bridget and Bobbi.  She is real sweetheart, very people oriented and outgoing personality, she is high drive and has a nasty civil side, just like her littermates.  She has been started in basic obedience and some tracking.  She is currently in training for protection.  She has not had a great deal of bite development, but is coming along very quickly.    She is crate trained, housebroken, spayed, current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative.  She has been raised around children and is very people friendly.  She is a nice size female, with excellent drives.   She would make an excellent family dog and/or personal protection.  She is an excellent prospect for a single or dual purpose dog.  Pictures and more video coming soon!




Ivy's first real training session




Chyna (sold)

Chyna is a 10 month old, black sable female.  She is going to be a large female, she weighs 78 lbs at 10 months.  she is available for placement.  She is current on all vaccines, microchipped and is housebroken and crate trained.  She has some obedience but not a great deal, we have mostly been working to build drive.  She has nice working drive and would make a great personal protection dog or just an awesome family companion.  She has not been around small children, but has solid temperament and I think would adjust well.  She has been around other dogs, but is not cat safe.  Chyna will be placed in a good home only and must be spayed. 



Devin (sold) Devin has gone to live with Brom's brother Klaus in Memphis.

Devin is 7 months old, she is an Addison and Brom puppy that we had kept for possible breeding.  Her Penn hip scores were not breeding quality.  She has been certified free of hip dysplasia, she is housebroken, crate trained and current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative.  She is very outgoing and social.  She has gone to work with me several times and settles down very well in the office.  She travels well and gets along well with other dogs.  She is not cat safe.  She has nice drive and a great overall disposition.  She is going to be a small female, probably about 60-65 pds full grown. 




This is Devin's mean face, as you can see someone else is holding her and I am taking this picture, I told her to show me her mean face and this this is it!!  She is a real clown!









Bridget (sold) Bridget has gone to West Virginia to be a Personal Protection dog.

Bridget is a little over a year old Dutch Malinois and a real sweetheart, she has been started in basic obedience and has had her initial development for protection.  She is crate trained, housebroken, current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative.  She has been raised around children and is very people friendly.  She is going to be a large female, with excellent drives.  Bridgett's training is coming along well, her prey drive has really kicked in as has her hunt drive.  She would make an excellent family dog and/or personal protection. 










    Bridgett's Video, she just started her protection training.                           


                                             Bridgett doing more training, she is advancing fast!




Chaos   (sold)

Chaos is a Phoenix/Thorn puppy, she is 6 months old and weighs 49lbs,  She has tons of drive, has been started in basic obedience and early development in protection training.  Chaos has been Penn hip certified free of hip dysplasia.  She will make an excellent working dog or family companion/protector.  She is housebroken, has been raised in the house and around other dogs, she is very friendly and loves to snuggle.  She is very well behaved in the house, she is not destructive and can be left alone without a problem.  She travels well and lays quietly in the back seat. She has a very nice on/off switch, she is on when she is working and off, when she is not.  She is very pleasant to live with.   Chaos is current on all vaccines, hearworm preventative and has been microchipped.  More pictures of her working will be coming soon.  Feel free to contact me for more info.












Keegan (Sold)


Keegan is an 18 month old solid black intact male,  he is housebroken, crate trained, started on basic obedience and early protection training.  Keegan is a very high drive male, with extreme prey drive.  He is current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative, he has had prelim x-rays and has good hips that are free of hip dysplasia.  He is very social and great with everyone.  He loves to travel and he loves to work. If you are interested please contact me.





Keegan's Video



                                  Bobbi    (Sold)

Bobbi,  is 9 months old Dutch Malinois , current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative, she is obedience trained and started in personal protection.   She has been raised in the house, she is housebroken and crate trained.  She is a real love bug, she enjoys sleeping in the bed and snuggling on the sofa.  She is an excellent barker and will let you know when anyone is around.  She is very protective of her home and yard and barks aggressively when someone comes to the door or close to her fence.  She is well behaved when in a crowd and alerts only on command. She is social and outgoing until she is told not to be.                     





 Bobbi Obedience and Protection video








Zoe is a 2 1/2 year old spayed female Malinois, she is currently in training for a level 1 protection dog, but her training is moving very quickly.  She is a natural.  She is very social with both people and other dogs until she is told not to be.  As you can see from the video below, she likes her job!  She does need a little work on the re-friendly greeting.  Zoe is current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative, she is housebroken and crate trained and loves to be with her people. She has been around children and does great with them.  She will make an excellent personal protection dog for you and your family.  For more info on Zoe, feel free to contact us.





                                                                           This video was taken after only two previous training sessions, she is a natural!






Angie Young

German Shepherd Breeder

Chattanooga, Tennessee



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