Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We care about our new owners and puppies alike, therefore when selling a puppy we listen first to what the prospective owner is purchasing it for. After we have determined the persons needs we try to match the best puppy to meet their needs. We are here after the purchase for support day or night to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and if we don’t know the answer to your question or concern we will find it for you as quickly as possible. We are not a kennel, our dogs are raised in a loving family environment. We try to make this a wonderful experience for both you and your new puppy. Upon purchasing a Camelot puppy you will receive a written health and hip guarantee. Below is a copy of our guarantee. We stand behind our puppies 100%.

Deposit Criteria: If you have decided to purchase a Camelot Puppy, We ask that you read the information below concerning our deposit requirements. Here is a printable deposit form that you can mail in with your deposit.

This German Shepherd puppy/dog is sold with the following Contract and health agreement. This puppy/dog is sold in a healthy condition. This does not pertain to giardia or coccedia as these are common problems among young dogs. Vaccination and worming records are being provided to the buyer. Buyer may return said puppy/dog to the Seller for a full refund minus the 300.00 deposit, within 72 hours of the purchase date, providing Buyer agrees to pay all transportation cost and puppy/dog is returned in the same condition it was received.
Buyer has the right to have this puppy/dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the puppy/dog leaving the Sellers possession. Buyer must submit to seller certificate from the examining veterinarian stating that the dog is unhealthy or has a serious congenital defect. This does not pertain to umbilical hernia or testicles. This agreement is not valid if accident or neglect has injured dog.

Buyer is completely satisfied with and waives any and all claims regarding the dog's conformation, and outward appearance (meaning the dog meets the breed standard at this age). Buyer agrees upon purchase of the puppy that it will be registered with the "Camelot" kennel name as stated on the AKC registration papers provided. If Camelot’s kennel name is not used in registration this contract is null and void.

Seller is in no way to be held liable for injury, damage to persons, property, or other animals due to puppy/dog's behavior.

Seller shall not be held responsible for the development of non-genetically derived disqualifying faults, diseases or disorders.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a congenial malformation of the ball and socket joint of the hip. A dog may or may not become lame because of the disease, depending upon its severity. Although there is no guarantee that a puppy will not get hip dysplasia, we are making every effort to avail such an occurrence by using stock that has been hip and elbow certified. In the event that one of our puppies does become dysplastic, we will place the puppy with another of the same quality. If the puppy is found to have hip dysplasia in which the disease is properly diagnosed. The x-ray and the OFA letter of diagnosis must be returned to the breeder. The guarantee excludes arthritis caused by accidents, falls, blows, environmental problems such as obesity, and failure to follow recommended diet.

If the Buyer chooses to keep the puppy, a certification of sterilization ust be given before any replacement will be made by the seller. The guarantee on replacement is good from the time the puppy turns 6 months old until the last day of the month your dogs becomes 36 months old.

If the event that a female conceives a litter or a male sires a litter, this guarantee becomes null and void. Camelot Shepherds will not be responsible for any veterinary or other expense incurred nor will Camelot Shepherds pay for any transportation charges for the replacement puppy.

Breeding: At Camelot Shepherds we prefer to place our puppies in "companion" homes. They will be placed on a limited registration until the buyer fulfills the following conditions:

Puppy is sold with the ability to have registration lifted ____________

Puppy is sold on a limited registration only ___________

Hip and elbow certification is only required for breeding it is not a requirement when you purchase a puppy, it is your choice.

  • 1. At no less than 2 years of age, the puppy must be PennHip x-rayed to confirm that his hips score are at least .41 or below, OR at no less than 2 years of age the puppy can be OFA x-rayed and must certify FAIR, GOOD or EXCELLENT.
  • 2. Elbows must also be x-rayed and certified to be free of elbow dysplasia.
  • 3. Buyer must achieve a working title (Service dogs of America FO, or better, herding, Schutzhund, agility, search & rescue, etc.) on the puppy.
  • 4. Seller must be contacted and presented with certification, as well as an opportunity to view the dog or a quality picture of dog. Seller must approve the quality of the dog for breeding purposes.
  • When all of the above conditions are met, the buyer will pay a fee for release of registration. For full breeding rights to the dog.
  • Puppy must be registered with the Camelot Kennel name in order for registration to be released.

Note: Quality of the dog is not only confirmation and appearance, but includes temperament as well, A CGC is not equivalent to a working title.

Temperament: Buyer agrees to socialize the puppy/dog and complete at least a novice obedience class with a reputable trainer between the age of 4 and 7 months. Buyer agrees this puppy/dog is NOT to be LEFT IN A BACKYARD KENNEL ONLY. The raising of a puppy requires specific care. The best genetic predispositions are useless, if the pups are not sufficiently socialized. Constant contact with various people, animals and environmental situations are an absolute necessity. This puppy/dog is sold with the understanding that it was to go to carefully selected parties and that Buyer AVOWED the puppy/dog would become a member of the family and steps will be taken to ensure proper development. The Seller must be notified of any temperament problems by the time the puppy reaches the age of 8 months. A certificate from the trainer must be provided to the Seller stating the puppy is overly shy or fearful due to temperament, not lack of socialization. Seller reserves the right to have puppy examined by a secondary source

Terms of Replacement:

  • Shipping costs for the return of puppy/dog will be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • Should any dispute between Buyer and Seller arise, it shall be settled in the county and state wherein the Seller resides.
  • AKC papers shall remain with the seller until the puppy/dog is paid in full.
  • Buyer must provide proof of required feeding in the form of receipts.
  • Buyer must provide medical records of vaccination, worming, and parasite exam results.
  • All replacements will be in the form of a puppy from a future litter of equal quality and value


1) The Buyer swears that he is not purchasing the animal for resale and swears that he is not acting as an agent in the purchase of this animal and that it will remain solely in his custody. Buyer further swears that he is not associated with a pet shop or animal broker, and that this animal will not be used or trained for activities which are illegal or for which it is not suited by reason of temperament or conformation. Specifically, puppy will be used for personal protection, but not as a guard or attack dog for commercial premises, or to hunt or fight other animals.

The Buyer agrees that the sale of puppies produced by this dog will not be made to any owner, employee, agent or individual connected with a pet shop, or wholesaler of dogs.

(““Wholesaler”” as defined by any individual that buys puppies in litter lots for their own resale, trades puppies for articles, sells puppies by the litter, etc.) In the event that the Buyer does sell any puppy to the above mentioned organizations, individuals, the Buyer agrees to pay the Seller for damage to its Kennel’s name in the amount of $5,000.00.

The Buyer agrees to care for this dog as would a humane and conscientious dog owner, and agrees to provide:

1) Adequate fencing, adjacent to and accessible from the Buyer’’s home, and to confine the dog when outdoors and refrain from restraining it on a chain or rope.

2) Adequate veterinary care, including but not limited to annual checkups; to keep all immunizations current, specifically rabies, distempter, parvovirus, and other communicable diseases, according to the Veterinary Medical Association guidelines. Additionally, animal will be kept free of fleas and parasites.

3) Adequate house for this dog within the Buyers home and yard.

4) Adequate exercise by providing the dog with supervised walking or running on a regular basis.

This agreement is void if the puppy/dog is not paid for in full, Buyer fails to provide adequate veterinary care, or if the puppy is bred without receiving hip/elbow certification and release of restricted registration by seller. This agreement is also not valid if the puppy/dog is injured by accident or neglect.

All expenses regarding the animal, including proper care, veterinary fees, housing, or legal liabilities are the responsibility of the Buyer at whose home the animal will reside.

The Buyer agrees that ownership or possession of this dog will not be transferred without the express written consent of the Seller. The Seller will accept the return of this dog at any time the Buyer declines to keep said dog. However, the Seller is not obligated to refund any or all of the purchase price. The Buyer will not abandon this animal to a shelter or give the animal away. If the animal is found to have been sold or given away without the Seller’s consent, the Seller will take legal action and the original Buyer of the animal will be responsible for all legal expenses incurred.

Violations of the terms of this contract renders all guarantees stipulated in this contract to be null and void and may result in the Buyer being required to return the dog to the Seller within five days of receipt of notice from the Seller. The Buyer will be responsible for the cost of the dog’s transport back to the Seller. If the Buyer violates this agreement, he will be responsible for any/all legal costs the Seller acquires enforcing this contract.

The buyer agrees that he or she understands this contract fully, and the contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Tennessee. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be Hamilton County, Tennesssee

As of the date of this agreement, the Buyer accepts all responsibility for the care, upbringing, and welfare of this puppy/dog. As of the date of this agreement, Buyer waives all responsibility of seller if said puppy/dog should bite or injury another person. Buyer accepts full responsibility for the actions of puppy/dog from the date of this agreement. I certify by my signature below that I have read this agreement and agree to abide by the terms set forth herein. I further acknowledge that there are no other covenants, promises, warranties or obligations expressed or implied, except as herein provided.