Camelot's Lady Saphira

Saphira is our Bella and Blitz daughter, born 9/10/11, she is a phenomenal little girl and has all of the qualities of both parents, Bella has a real serious side and Blitz has extreme prey drive and a serious side. Saphira looks like her grandma Nissa and has Nissa's sweet disposition, but with Blitz's prey drive and tenacity. She is a large boned female with overall nice structure. She weighs 80pds. With a nice solid frame and is very proportionate. She has a great genetic bite, deep and solid and rock solid nerve. She is a great example of the combination. She is a very calm dog in the house and a real joy to live with, she never tears up anything, although she does have a real love for water and likes to play in the water bucket. She is very loving and really wants to be with her people as much as possible. Saphria produces very dark, richly pigmented puppies, with solid nerve, and great temperament.

Sire Camelot's Blitz
Dam Camelot's Ultimate Rebellion
DOB10 September 2011

Camelot's Blitz

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