Ready Bett Silver BH, AD DJ

Ready is an import from the Czech Republic, he is a solid black powerhouse of a dog. He is one of the most intense dogs I have ever seen, but is social and outgoing with an extremely nice overall temperament. Everything he does, he does at 110%, his grips are solid and full, he has learned to push after just changing sports in the past few weeks. His foundation was in IGP, but he is easily transferring over to PSA. We hope to earn his PDC this fall. We expect him to reproduce his drive and overall temperament. Amazingly, he has a nice off switch and has done well with starting some transition into the house. Ready is almost two and weighs in at 95 pds. He is a big powerful male and we are excited to see what his future offspring will be.

Hips and Elbows though the SV

HD-A (free)

Elbows ED-0 (free)

LTV-0 (free)

DM N/N (free)

Embark Test Results

Sire Knox Maranaberg
Dam Wolf's Indy
DOB16 August 2021

Knox Maranaberg BH, AD, IGP 3

Wolf's Indy BH, AD, IPO 1