Keeping your new puppy busy!

Keeping Your Puppy Busy While Learning At The Same Time

How carefully you introduce a new cat to your old dog (or your new dog to your old cat) is the trick to opening up and keeping meaningful companionship between these two pets. Now that you have made the commitment to bring a new animal into the house, you must spend as much of your time and compassion as possible in order to make certain that both of your pets start off on the right foot with each other.

The process of introducing your two pets can happen in the following process:

First, restrict both pets to separate areas of the house where they will not be able to see each other. Since they will hear and smell each other, but not see each other, they will both be able to adapt to the other animal. It will also allow the new pet to adapt to the living area.

Second, while the pets are separated, rub a piece of cloth all over the new pet, then put the cloth next to the old pet. This will allow the older pet further adapt to this newcomer. Let the cloth rest with your old pet for an hour or two.

Once the time is up, switch each pet so that one is resting in the other one’s previous spot. When you do this, rub a piece of cloth all over the older pet and let it rest with the new pet.

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